Book your nursery tour 26.2.22

Liverpool Nursery Baltic

The Childcare Academy is running personal tours of our fantastic nursery in Liverpool during our Open Day on Saturday 26th February 2022. Come down and check our excellent new premises in the Baltic Quarter and meet the team. Parents and their babies or toddlers are welcome to attend, as are older siblings.  Book a tour […]

Funding for Nursery Places

Funding for Nursery Places

This page explains about getting help with childcare costs when your child comes to our nursery in Liverpool.  We take part in the Government scheme that funds free nursery places for children aged 2-4. The Childcare Academy currently has nursery places available for children aged two, three and four years old.  Nursery care for children […]

What are the Benefits of Dog Therapy to Children?


As you will already know, at The Childcare Academy, we have our very own therapy dog, the gorgeous Bailey! Bailey is working very hard, doing his training as a good boy! Once fully trained, he will be participating in supervised play sessions with the children at our nursery. He will be specially trained to support […]

Strawberry Fields

strawberry fields

It’s the season for strawberries; the nation’s favourite fruits are at their best: plump, juicy and full of sweetness and flavour. Not only that, they are packed full of vitamins and are a great way of adding a healthy boost to your child’s diet.  Picking strawberries can be a great activity to do with young […]

Childcare Heroes: BF Skinner


A pioneer in the field of child development was psychologist BF Skinner, born in 1902. His theory of operant conditioning, where a child’s desired behaviour is rewarded or positively reinforced, is still respected and applied today in many childcare settings.  At The Childcare Academy, we also admire his emphasis on encouraging a love of reading […]

Little Crab Soothes Children at The Childcare Academy


A book published this month by Olympia Publishers is a firm favourite at The Childcare Academy. The book helps with anxiety in children and is a great success.  Anxiety is a normal part of growing up. Just like adults, children can feel anxious for all sorts of reasons. For example, from 6 months to 3 […]