Childcare Heroes: BF Skinner


A pioneer in the field of child development was psychologist BF Skinner, born in 1902. His theory of operant conditioning, where a child’s desired behaviour is rewarded or positively reinforced, is still respected and applied today in many childcare settings. 

At The Childcare Academy, we also admire his emphasis on encouraging a love of reading in children.

The best nurseries across the country incorporate recognised childcare theory into their approach to looking after children.

Here at The Childcare Academy, we are aiming to be one of the best nurseries in Liverpool. Even with twenty years of experience in training nursery staff, we see and experience new things all the time. 

To be effective, we have to adapt, but we always stay true to guiding principles. Many of these come from highly-recognised childcare experts from across the globe.

Find out more about the psychologists whose views and theories we are fans of on our Childcare Theorists page.