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Childcare near L1 in The Baltic Triangle with a unique approach.

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We are the first nursery in The Baltic Triangle, offering childcare near L1 in the heart of Liverpool’s growing digital quarter. Children fulfilling and reaching their potential is at the heart of what we do every day. To achieve this aim, we have developed a philosophy based on specific principles and values.

At The Childcare Academy, our fundamental principle is to provide a safe environment where children Live, Love and Learn Together. In other words, we help children develop a sense of themselves as part of a broader community. Our Live, Love & Learn Together approach is based on the life’s work of the world’s most prominent and respected childcare thinkers, including Piaget, Montessori and Bruner. It also builds on our years of experience in delivering training services for nurseries.


A safe space to enable children

Firstly, our priority is to provide every child with a safe, secure, stimulating and engaging environment. In this way, we help ensure children thrive and develop their capabilities. The Childcare Academy is where your child will learn life skills through play.

From eating and playing to tidying up as a team, children’s emotional intelligence will develop rapidly. As a result, by encouraging each other, positive regard and respect grow.

Kindness and Respect

Showing kindness to others around us brings a sense of happiness and wellbeing. This is particularly true in the modern world, where it is easy to feel disconnected. Therefore, we always encourage and model kindness. Linked to this, we help children to learn and practice respect for others as individuals and as members of the many diverse communities that make up our society. 

In this way, your child will develop and thrive in a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity.

Aiming High

The entire team of staff at The Childcare Academy are dedicated professionals trained to industry standards. We are committed to developing each member of staff through industry CPD programmes. We encourage them to aim high as industry professionals. As such, the individuals caring for your child have the highest skills in early years care. In addition, they are highly competent when it comes to safeguarding and health and safety.

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We also encourage the children at our nursery to aim high in subtle ways that help their progress. For example, coaxing a shy child to take responsibility for showing a new child where to put their coat. Celebrating achievements like these help build children’s confidence

It is essential to realise all children learn differently. The Childcare Academy offers indoor play, outdoor play and sessions such as music and storytime to cater to every child’s individual needs.

Love Matters

The belief that a child’s early experiences can help shape their adult life is another value that underpins our approach. In fact, nurturing the brain at an early age impacts future emotional wellbeing. You can read about the science behind this in a book authored by Sue Gerhart, Why Love Matters.

With this as an essential value, we always treat children with empathy, unconditional love and acceptance. We do this alongside modelling appropriate behaviours that encourage community integration.

We allow your child to challenge and push themselves in a safe environment. The children in our care believe in themselves and feel comfortable being who they want to be whilst respecting others.

Parental Involvement

Another underpinning value at The Childcare Academy is the importance of regular contact with parents and carers. Open communication between us helps to meet the needs of your child.

As a parent or carer, we will invite you to meetings with staff to help create an individual plan for your child. Not only that, we will provide regular feedback on your child’s progress and emotional wellbeing. We also welcome parents participating in outings and activities.

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