Strawberry Fields

strawberry fields

It’s the season for strawberries; the nation’s favourite fruits are at their best: plump, juicy and full of sweetness and flavour. Not only that, they are packed full of vitamins and are a great way of adding a healthy boost to your child’s diet. 

Picking strawberries can be a great activity to do with young children. Indeed, many local farms like Claremont Farm will soon be inviting families to get picking. This outdoor pursuit is an ideal way for busy families to spend quality time together. Meanwhile, whilst wandering through the strawberry fields with a basket in their arms, young children will gain an appreciation of nature, the seasons and the important link between farms and our plates. 

Many of the fruits of your joint labour will no doubt be consumed on the job. But there is about to be lots left over to take home. So why not try jam-making? Or just pop them in the freezer in a sealable bag to enjoy over the coming weeks. Here’s a quick and easy recipe using frozen strawberries: an instant weeknight dessert packed full of goodness. Masquerading as ice-cream, it’s bound to become a firm favourite for children and adults alike.


250g frozen strawberries

250g Greek yoghurt

1 tsp honey


Blitz the frozen strawberries, yoghurt and honey with a hand blender or in a food processor for a few seconds. Once smooth, serve immediately.

(Adapted from BBC Good Food instant frozen berry yoghurt)